2017 BCC Board Accomplishments:


The BCC secretary posted an agenda on facebook (for Oct 2017 meeting) that described some business.


COMMUNITY SHARE REVENUE SURVEY = Email, call or attend with a short list of community projects you would support funding with AK Community grant amount of $120K. The amount may be 'invested'  in an interest yielding account  and earn interest to pay current utility bills, while the project moves into each phase of completion, including the survey phase.


Butte Fire Dept (BFD) Report:

Address Your Occupied Property, Home, Pit and Development with 4" Reflective Numbers. This is required by MSB Code and fines may be issued. 
(A)    The owner of any lot with a building assigned a street number shall post the assigned street address number on or in front of the addressed building or lot in a location where it is visible from the street.
(B)    Street address numbers shall contrast with the background and shall be not less than four inches in height.
(C)    On any lot facing more than one street, the assigned address shall be posted to face only the street addressed.
(D)    The street number shall be posted no more than 50 feet from the street.

(Ord. 84-119, § 2 (part), 1984) 

D Crowley, J Erickson, D Dreher, B Knox, D Schuetter.    Missing: D Schuetter, C Baker

Butte Alaska Community Council