2016 BCC Board Accomplishments:

February-Sept  2016

Enough chairs were purchased to seat the allowed number of occupants.

2016 BCC Member Accomplishments:

Meeting signs  made, set out and removed from road prior to and after BCC Meeting, has increased newcomer participation...Thanks to Randy and Rose Heimerl and Maryann Cochran.

2016 ButtaAKCommunity Facebook page currently has 70 members to inform Butte residents/tax payers about BCC Board and MB assembly 'activities' and local government projects, decisions, policy, budget and public notices. Thanks to Nancy Driscoll Stroup @facebook Mat Su News for the format and the links.

Spring Clean Up publicity, election, removal of garbage collected from public areas, roads and paths. Thanks to Brad Empy.

Community Share Committee is working on a survey for Residents to determine how to use the available community revenue sharing funds: Approximately $120K is available for a variety of community needs.

Contact Charlene Carney 745-5830 or Brad Empy 441-9224 with your ideas.

A Member Created / Operated  BCC Web Page : www.buttecommunitycouncil.org and email for members, visitors, representatives,  local board and advisory groups, candidates, agencies to contact and upload  information relevant to Butte residents, and increase public participation n local government decisions. Thanks to Dane Crowley for assigning the job to our tech savvy volunteers.

Video Minutes YouTube

​Minutes of 2016 BCC meetings may now be viewed at YouTube by searching kniklvr for Butte Community Meeting. All are  linked at this web page too. It is an arduous task to attend, video, watch again it uploads, etc. so we thank The Lively's for bringing meetings to us almost LIVE.

Specialty Volunteers

Pat Huddleston at ButteFloodWatch on Facebook keeps us and leaders aware.

Butte Area Residents Civic Organization (BARCO) archived the BCC's history from buttecc.org and maintains this site on their server for public access. http://www.buttecc.org was original Butte webpage created in 2000 and has been unused by Board since 2005.

Aid from local businesses, groups and organizations who contribute to effort to increase residents' participation in local government affairs and policy making by distributing and posting local notices.

D Crowley, J Erickson, D Dreher, B Knox, D Schuetter.    Missing: D Schuetter, C Baker

2016 In Review  : WOW...

More people have visited this web page each month than attend any BCC meeting.  That suggests BCC has no need for a larger building. Or any building, really.
November 2016 was annual election of BCC Board: there were no nominations and the bylaws were completely ignored , there was no public notice and the same '15 people' elected the same 'gang' who have done nothing to represent residents and community.  The local swamp is safe for another year.


Butte Fire Dept (BFD) Report:

Address Your Occupied Property, Home, Pit and Development with 4" Reflective Numbers. This is required by MSB Code and fines may be issued. 
(A)    The owner of any lot with a building assigned a street number shall post the assigned street address number on or in front of the addressed building or lot in a location where it is visible from the street.
(B)    Street address numbers shall contrast with the background and shall be not less than four inches in height.
(C)    On any lot facing more than one street, the assigned address shall be posted to face only the street addressed.
(D)    The street number shall be posted no more than 50 feet from the street.

(Ord. 84-119, § 2 (part), 1984) 

Butte Alaska Community Council


COMMUNITY SHARE REVENUE SURVEY = Email, call or attend with a short list of community projects you would support funding with AK Community grant amount of $120K. The amount may be 'invested'  in an interest yielding account  and earn interest to pay current utility bills, while the project moves into each phase of completion, including the survey phase.